Corporate Lets in Luton

Corporate Lets in Luton

One of the most prosperous industrial towns in England, Luton has changed in several aspects over the centuries – especially when it comes to technological and economic changes. These areas like travel, tourism, industries and transportation are responsible for laying the foundation of the nation’s future. But why is a corporate let in Luton a good idea?

Like other industrial towns in England, Luton has contributed severely to the national economy, changing its course with the development and success of some top significant industries:

  • Automotive
  • Brick making
  • Hat making
  • Travel and tourism
  • Airport

Many people from these industries may seek to go to Luton to develop their skills and look for better work opportunities. Many companies relocate their employees to industrial centres like Luton, in order to have better use of their workforce. In this situation, most of these companies face the following problem: where to place the employees visiting Luton for work-related reasons?

Corporate Housing vs Hotels

1. Comfort

The corporate housing (or corporate let) is specially prepared to receive people for short to long term periods. Unlike hotels, corporate housing managers understand that business travellers are more likely to have an extended stay, and want to make the place as comfortable as a house – with all the privacy but including many services found in hotels.

2. Living experience

Hotels are not designed for residents, but for tourists. People who arrive to stay for more extended periods and work-related reasons need a practical place located in neighbourhoods where locals live.

Corporate lets are situated in accessible locations, near restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and major highways.

3. Value

Most hotels are too expensive for people staying long term. Even below-average rates can add up over the days – imagine a £150/night… It becomes £4,500 for only 30 days! Not to mention that cheap hotels are not the best place to work from.

Corporate lets, on the other hand, offer you the same comforts of a hotel (changing of sheets, weekly cleaning), with top-notch amenities, a fully equipped kitchen, all that for an affordable price!

Conclusion on corporate lets in Luton

Of course, it makes no sense to choose a hotel when you can accommodate your employees on a corporate let – with amenities, big space and much more value. There are several serviced accommodation options you can find in Luton – perfect for a stress-free corporate trip.