Difference Between Corporate Lets vs Serviced Accommodation vs Hotel

 Difference Between Corporate Lets vs Serviced Accommodation vs Hotel

This article is to explain and compare the differences between a serviced accommodation, a corporate let, and hotel stay. The information can be useful for companies searching for the best accommodation option for their employees.

What is serviced accommodation?

A serviced apartment, as the name suggests, is similar to a hotel when it comes to some things – guests need to check-in and check-out, and they are charged on a per night basis. The serviced accommodation is typically a series of individual small units located on specific floors of apartments or buildings.

There are several serviced accommodation options: a single room or studio apartment with a kitchenette, a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, or an apartment with more bedrooms. Typically, they are independent apartments, and each bathroom has an attached bathroom.

Serviced apartments are cost-effective, and they are designed to be rented by people for long or short durations from days to even a year. Taxes are fixed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or, if you are staying longer, you can negotiate the rate. This type of accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen and often with gadgets such as a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, etc. 

Tenants can invite guests and friends for the serviced apartment without the hassle it is to do that in a hotel – no need to go through reception, for instance. Also, serviced accommodations have caretakers who clean up the place with a given frequency, depending on the tenant’s choice.

Often the apartments are spacious and comfortable, and many serviced apartment buildings offer a gym, fitness centre and swimming pool, for example.

What is a corporate let?

Like the serviced accommodation, corporate lets give you the amenities and facilities, all of them better than a hotel. An example of corporate let is a two-bedroom apartment for four people – it is an attractive option for relocation. Companies often look for corporate lets for tax-related reasons and to relocate large groups of employees for some period.

Differences between serviced accommodation, corporate lets, and hotel

Hotels are typically near busy commercial areas in the middle of chaos. They are designed specifically for tourists, while corporate lets and serviced accommodations are not – although they are close to supermarkets, transportation services, and other essential conveniences.

Corporate lets and serviced apartments are also more comfortable than hotels, with substantially bigger rooms and space. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are provided with fully equipped kitchens, but they also include Wi-Fi internet access, television sets, room service, security, housekeeping, laundry, among other services.

Besides all of that, corporate lets charge your company with rent, which is usually more cost-effective than hotels – which charge you per night.