The Difference Between Short Term Rentals and Normal Tenancy Lets

The Difference Between Short Term Rentals and Normal Tenancy Lets

Many companies looking for rentals to relocate their employees don’t know the exact difference between short term rentals and normal tenancy lets (also known as company lets or housing). That is why we are going to tackle this topic – and by the end of the article you’ll know the best type of rental for you and your business needs.

What is a short term rental?

First, we need to talk about short term rentals – the short term leasing opposes to the long term leasing, as the name suggests. Generally, this type of rental refers to staying in a property with a short term contract, ranging from days to up to six months, typically.

A short term lease can be terminated by the landlord anytime, as long as he or she gives you a written 30-day notice.

Short term rentals are a great option for people with temporary challenges and even for employee relocation and contracting teams, for example.

What is a normal tenancy let or company let?

Corporate lets can consist of a longer contract, but can also be a type of short term rental. In this case, you won’t get directly in touch with the landlord, but with a company that rents the property and manages its day-to-day aspects. The Right Property Group is this type of company- we make everything perfect for you and your needs.

The property manager then will let the normal tenancy let for reliable companies or groups of people with corporate association.

Then, to summarize, groups of employees will reside in the company let for a few months, but they only have to deal with one contract, which includes all the costs predetermined (utilities, administration fees, etc.)

Company lets are less expensive than hotel rooms, especially when you calculate price per room or per tenant. However, the lets include fully equipped kitchens like appartments do, and typically provide amenities and parking space for the employees.

Which one should I choose?

It depends! If you are an individual looking for a place to stay for work-related reasons, or if you are a company looking to relocate a group of employees indefinitely, then the ideal choice is renting a normal tenancy let or company let for a short stay.

We provide short stay locations with large properties. Our largest serviced accommodation and short term lets property, for instance, accommodates up to 10 guests.

On the other hand, if you are still unsure whether to choose a company let or not, you might consider taking a look at our short term rentals properties. They accommodate anywhere from 2 guests to up to 14, and larger groups can be housed in the same block in different apartments or in different properties, walking distance apart.