Short Term Rentals In Northampton

Short Term Rentals In Northampton

One of the largest towns in the UK, Northampton has been a market town with plenty of history and industrial influence. Due to its advantageous geographical location, near the M1 motorway and other influential cities, Northampton has been a hotspot where a good range of industries was allowed to grow. However, it has been most famous for its well-developed shoe industry.

Nowadays, information technology, engineering, manufacturing and brewing are the most common industries found in Northampton. Here is a list of a few big employers located in the town:

  • Elsevier Group Limited
  • Ukki Limited
  • Toller Properties Limited
  • DS John Holdings Limited
  • George Riley Estates Limited
  • Portet Properties Limited
  • Edwin Properties Limited
  • J.O Adams & Sons Limited
  • K Wiggins & Co. Limited
  • L. Spencer Tracy Limited

The highest rates of employment in Northampton are related to these employers’ areas: in retail and customer service, engineering and manufacturing, business administration and finance, construction, hospitality, and health care and catering.

That is why Northampton is home to several professionals of these fields, who often stay short term during relocation. Corporations will typically choose serviced accommodation businesses to accommodate their employees.

The benefits of serviced accommodation for corporates

There are several benefits of selecting serviced accommodation in Northampton over hotels – and the price is only one of them.

Service accommodation is more attractive for companies that are sending employees on business trips – whether they last for several days, weeks, or even months. Serviced apartments, unlike hotel rooms, are fully furnished. Spacious living area and a full kitchen, not to mention with all necessary amenities that make residents feel at home while they are on business.

People who travel for business often complain that they cannot eat very well with the limited options when eating out at restaurants. Most of the choices are typically less unhealthy than cooking their own foods, for example. With the serviced accommodation and fully-equipped kitchen it offers, they also have the possibility to cook with all the utensils and facilities already present in the property.

Due to the spacious rooms, serviced accommodations also allow residents to entertain clients and colleagues.


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