How to Find a Short Term Rental Near Me

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Short term rentals are definitely the best rental option for those willing to rent a property without committing 6 months upwards to it. We’ve prepared this text to answer the question you’re probably asking right now: “How to find a short term rental near me?”. All the options mentioned will help you choose a property to stay for six months or less.

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The Right Property Group is a provider of short term rentals in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Luton. Whether you are looking for corporate lets, large contractor group options, properties for leisure, or short term rentals or lets, we have several options readily available.

The minimum stay is two nights with no maximum duration. If you stay for over 7 nights, you have discounts, and there are more discounts offered in stays longer than one month. Agents are available to discuss your individual needs over the phone or through the website.

Also, TRPG serviced accommodations feature fully equipped kitchens, 2 to 5 double bedrooms, services like linen changed and property cleaned weekly, and more.


Google is a go-to choice for those looking for a quick solution with several options. Several rental companies and landlords have websites listed on Google.

Although it is a free and accessible option, it is essential to double-check all information you get through Google. Before transferring your money, make sure you talk to the landlord and have all the details of the property (visit it personally if possible). Anyone can be listed on Google, including scammers.


A rental company founded in 2012, OpenRent is focused on advertising and moderating the rental processes, helping tenants and landlords to match.

The services OpenRent offers to tenants are entirely free, and they hold the deposit and first month’s rent to combat scammers: until you move in, the money is secure.


Now the largest vacation rental website out there, Airbnb is an excellent choice for short term rentals as well. If you are renting for the high season months, though, it may be harder to find a more extended stay (and much more expensive.)

We recommend that you book a short term rental on Airbnb only if you are going off-season. In this case, you can even negotiate a better deal with the house’s owner.

Local agents

You can always go old-school and find local agents in the city you want to rent a property short term. The face-to-face contact may help you get a better deal, visit the property in advance, negotiate everything very well before making any decisions, and maybe even get something extra.

Finding a Short Term Rental Near Me

Each option mentioned in this article helps you find a short term rental near you. Airbnb and OpenRent are websites that connect you to hosts or landlords. At the same time, Google gives you a comprehensive perspective (being also useful for searching for reviews).

Local agents are a great source of information about the rental properties and managers. At the same time, TRPG provides you directly with the best serviced accommodations in the UK area – especially for groups of 2 to 10 people.

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