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Located in eastern England, specifically in the central-northern part of Bedfordshire, Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire and very appealing place in terms of property investment. Last year, Bedford Borough had a population of 173,292 people with a developed and cosmopolitan culture. Individuals from different cultures live there, including people of Italian, Asian and Eastern European origins.

Bedford is situated on the Midland Main Line, with stopping services operated by Thameslink, which provide easy connection to London and Brighton. The town also counts with express services to the East Midlands and London. Because of its central location, economic and commercial development, and varied population, Bedford attracts people from all over, presenting numerous opportunities for those interested in property investment. This article will discuss more key features of the town, as well as market-related reasons why this is a suitable choice for property investment in Bedford.

Here’s what we have covered in the article:

Bedford Key Features

  • Excellent location – the town lies midway between the M1 and A1 about 30 miles north of the M25.
  • A good link to London.
  • Surrounded by five airports in Luton and London
  • Rich in history
  • A campus of the University of Bedfordshire
  • Many services and construction companies
  • A large train station providing services, repairs and operating many national rails
  • Bedford Hospital
  • The Embankment – a popular pedestrian walk


Because of the features mentioned, Bedford is a suitable place for property investment, ensuring occupation in both long and short-term properties.

Suppose you are looking for a place to set up and HMO, for example. In that case, you will be pleased to know that Bedford counts with a big campus of the University of Bedfordshire that is about 20 minutes’ walk from Bedford town centre. This campus is for sports and acting students from all over the world. Each semester more of them move to Bedford, especially to do their Master degree.

The university also attracts many visiting lecturers, who are much more likely to stay in SA properties.  The price is more resonable to them than a hotel. In addiction, SA provides an excellent short stay alternative. Also looking for SA are visiting doctors and staff members of the Bedford hospital, which counts with several specialist units.

Other audiences that continuously look for short-term stay options are groups of contractors working on the constant road modernisation, seasonal workers from many construction companies (such as Castlework Contractors Ltd, and SDC Builders Ltd), and corporate workers from service companies.

Besides all of that, Bedford is home to Bedford Heights, a commercial hub that houses over 1,500 employees from different companies. Regularly, new specialists visit Bedford to work there together with local businesses.

What Is Happening Now?

Contractor groups are always looking for a place to stay in Bedford, and this is mainly because of the constant infrastructure modernisation – new roads are being built all the time, and this implies even more connection between places, attracting construction companies to develop new flats and more people to live in Bedford.

Whoever is interested in pursuing property investment in a place should be well aware of its current developments and future plans to avoid the wrong choice in the long run. That’s why we’ve prepared this section and the next. 

One of the reasons why Bedford may be the best place for your investment is that, although over the last ten years sites such as the Wixams, Great Denham and West of Kempston have been developed, providing a large number of new homes, the tendency is that they continue to grow even more, as these areas are considered excellent for living.

As we mentioned, contractor groups are always looking for a place to stay in Bedford, and this is mainly because of the constant infrastructure modernisation. New roads are being built all the time, and this implies even more connection between places, attracting construction companies to develop new flats and more people to live in Bedford. 

The town centre has been improving over the years as well – Castle Mound refurbishment, improvements to Harpur Street/Lime Street, improved car parks, the establishment of the Bedford Town Centre Company, and more.

Council Plans for the Future

Concerning the future, you’ll be even more interested in finding out that the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership has an economic plan with a focus on the general development of different business areas in Bedford. The aim is to provide the town with even more economic power.

Bedford also focuses on its Economic Dеvеlорmеnt Plаn саrrіеd out in 2011 wіth lосаl rеѕіdеntѕ, buѕіnеѕѕеѕ, and partners. It aims to reach the town’s full economic potential with the creation of 27,000 nеw jоbѕ bу 2026, accompanied by рlаnnеd housing growth.

Also, we mentioned recent developments in some housing areas. In the future, Wixams and the new housing areas west and north of Bedford as well as at Shortstown will be complete.  All of that means that the attractiveness of Bedford borough’s housing market will increase, and you might hop in there now for a better price and, potentially, a better profit.

Property Investment in Bedford

As you probably realised, Bedford has an emerging housing market with a potentially profitable future. As we mentioned in the Market section, both SA and HMO have their places in the town. They are both high-demand for the audience.  If you are thinking what is better –  SA or HMO, have a look at our article where we focus on differences, pros and cons.

Not only students of the University of Bedfordshire need housing.  They are also lecturers, corporate partners of big companies, contractor groups, seasonal workers, and even tourists.

If you want advice on how to set up your property investment business in Bedford, contact us anytime. We are a specialised property management group and we understand market’s needs.

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