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Bristol is an exciting place to live and work for individuals and families alike due to its vibrant nature, education and, of course, its excellent location with easy transport to various other cities and even beaches. 

In 2022, approximately 29% of properties in Bristol were rented privately, higher than the national average. For this reason, owning and renting out accommodation in Bristol can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially as an Airbnb or serviced accommodation property, which can bring in 2 or even 3x the income. 

This article will cover everything about property management in Bristol, including the different types of letting, different agents, and a summary of the top agents, helping to understand the nuances of property management in Bristol, which is essential for success.

Different Types of Letting

There are various options for landlords in Bristol when it comes to maximising their rental income. These include:

Traditional Buy-to-Let (BTL)

This classic model involves renting a property to long-term tenants under standard tenancy agreements. 

Traditional BTL offers stability and consistent rental income, making it a popular choice among landlords seeking reliable returns over an extended period.

Serviced Accommodation and Airbnb Management in Bristol 

Bristol has approximately over nine million visitors per year, which provides property owners with ample opportunities to rent their properties through platforms like Airbnb. 

In addition, serviced accommodation appeals to those seeking flexible stays and allows landlords to capitalise on the city's tourism appeal. Although it features risk, this option is one of Bristol's most lucrative markets for landlords.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Bristol's vibrant student population and young professionals significantly demand HMO properties. 

However these properties can provide high rental opportunities, but there are strict regulations to follow, including building regulations for any renovation works. So, this is worth keeping in mind!

Corporate Lets in Bristol

Bristol is the home of various offices, attracting corporate professionals from around the work needing temporary accommodation. Businesses such as the pie maker Pieminister are just one of many national companies based in the city.

Corporate lets provide landlords with reliable tenants and long-term contracts, offering stability and reduced void periods.

Guaranteed Rent Bristol Schemes

Ideal for landlords seeking hassle-free management and guaranteed rental income, these schemes involve leasing the property to a management company or council for a fixed period. 

While offering peace of mind guaranteed rent schemes, it may be worth remembering that these models may see lower income returns compared to more traditional letting models.

Different Agents, Different Strengths

In Bristol's competitive property market, choosing the right letting agent can significantly impact the success of your investment. 

Different agents specialise in various aspects of property management, offering unique services tailored to landlords' specific requirements.

High Street Agents

One benefit of a traditional high street agent is that they typically possess extensive local knowledge and have established networks, making them well-equipped to market properties and secure long-term tenancies. 

With personalised service and hands-on support, high-street agents excel at managing traditional BTL properties and forging lasting relationships with landlords and tenants alike.

Online Agents

In an era dominated by digital platforms, online agents leverage technology to streamline the letting process and minimise costs. This model is especially ideal for Airbnb, serviced accommodation and short-term rental management in Bristol.

Offering competitive fees and comprehensive marketing solutions, online agents appeal to landlords seeking cost-effective alternatives and greater investment control.

Specialist Agencies

Specialist agencies specialise in niche markets, from HMO management to corporate lettings. They offer tailored services and expert guidance to landlords with specific preferences.

With in-depth knowledge of local regulations and market trends, specialist agencies help landlords navigate complex letting arrangements and maximise their returns.

The Top 8 Letting Agents in Bristol

There are a host of reputable letting agents and property management companies in Bristol. Some of these top agents include:

1. The Right Property Group Management Bristol

The Right Property Group specialises in Airbnb, short-term rental properties and serviced accommodation management in Bristol. 

When it comes to serviced apartment management or Airbnb property management in Bristol, nobody is better than the Right Property Group. They offer many benefits, including all-inclusive services and a single point of contact for all your properties. 

2. Abode Property Management Bristol

Abode Property Management is an independent letting agent based in Clifton.

One of the benefits of Abode is that they’re one of the only members of ARLA in Bristol, meaning they are governed by a Code of Practice that extends ethical and professional standards above what is required in law.

3. Jackson Property Management Bristol

With over 40 years in the industry, Jackson Property Management is a family-run business based in St. Michael’s Hill.

Jackson Property Management is a great choice for those looking for a management company with an extensive portfolio, market experience, and a reputation for trustworthiness and honesty since 1977. 

4. Adam Church Property Management Bristol

Adam Church Property Management was the overall winner at the Southern Enterprise Awards in 2021, winning Best Leasehold Management Business, and in 2022, winning Best Property Management Business.

Located in Southmead, Adam Church Property Management, named after Owner and MD Adam Church, is a great option for those looking to maximise income. 

5. Andrews Property Management Bristol

Andrews Property Management is well regarded as one of Bristol's top property management businesses. It is the only estate agent in the UK owned by a charitable trust.

Andrews offers three flexible letting services: Let Only, Rent Collection, and Full Management. 

6. Berkeley Property Management Bristol

Berkeley Estates & Management is a modernised property management business in Bristol that promotes the use of the latest technology. This includes providing 24/7 access to key information through PropertyFile and Sorbet.

Founded by former professional footballer Joe Burnell, Berkeley is an excellent choice for those looking for a modernised service.

7. Hillcrest Bristol Property Management

Hillcrest Estate Management has provided services to Bristol landlords for over 40 years.

Focusing on the residential block management sector, Hillcrest provides five deferment management aspects, including a comprehensive service, visits, repairs, financial, and risk assessment, plus additional services with additional costs.

8. Phoenix Property Management Bristol

Phoenix Property Management specialises in HMO properties and student lets in Bristol. 

Based in Eastville, the independent and family-owned business offers landlords a free rental valuation and a let-only or fully managed service. Phoenix is also a member of the My Deposits deposit scheme and UKALA UK.

Property Management Bristol in Conclusion

Bristol has a dynamic property market, and effective property management is essential for maximising returns and mitigating risks.

By understanding the different types of letting and leveraging the expertise of reputable letting agents, landlords can confidently navigate the Bristol property landscape's complexities and achieve their investment objectives. 

Whether looking to more traditional options or focusing on the lucrative serviced accommodation and Airbnb market that is currently seeing a boom, Bristol offers abundant opportunities for landlords looking to make serious money in the property industry.


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