3 Top Things To Look For In An SA Management Company

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Serviced Accommodation is a profitable yet intricate business, surrounded by several myths. That is why most landlords look for a SA management company to help them find guests and manage the property when it comes to aspects such as legal, cleaning, damage control, among others.

A good Serviced Accommodation management company proactively helps you maximise your profit – not just passively manages your property

If you’re having trouble finding a good SA manager or unsure where to look, there is a guide on finding an SA management company walking you through the process.

According to communities online, there are three top things people look for in a SA management company before hiring their services. That is the theme of today’s article.  So… why Serviced Accommodation management company is a good solution? 

1. Local knowledge of market and SAs

The first thing people look for in a SA management company is, by far, local knowledge of market and SAs. Of course, a management company must know about their own business, especially the local market.

To have a lucrative property, landlords obviously need to do well in the market. However, people who are still new in the SA business might not understand how it works the same way as an experienced management company. Also, SA units are located in very specific locations with different factors that will influence its success.

For instance, we are a SA management company that focuses on areas we know very well. For instance: Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Hatfield, and a few others. This means that, when it comes to the SA market in these locations, we guarantee you a spotless service with experience and knowledge.

We have the successful example of an SA owner who went from losing £1k per month to making money every month.

2. Processes and systems

Property owners often have more than one job to worry about. And that is why the second reason why they hire a SA management company is to let it handle some or all processes and systems. The SA management company often provides alternatives to reduce your risks and generate automation, differently than you self-managing your property. 

In our case, we can provide you with a fixed rent income from the property. Or, if you prefer, we can handle letting only. Are you willing to have the SA as a passive investment without too much trouble? We can also provide you with full management. This means  we’ll handle all aspects of the property, including bills, maintenance, and letting.

3. Focus on marketing and direct bookings

Are you in the SA industry and struggling with voids and low bookings? You should know that marketing is a vital element to succeed and attract guests. However, many landlords don’t know or have the time to create marketing strategies for their SA units. 

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Direct bookings are also crucial for high profits since they mean fewer fees and more control over guests and terms. 80 % of our revenue, for example, is from direct bookings – and that’s what we do. 

We also put your property under a spotlight and attract guests by doing extensive marketing research. As a SA management company, we present your property and its positive aspects to future guests. 

If you are reading this blog post, you should know that we will implement marketing for your property the same way we market our own services to landlords. 

Top Factors For A Serviced Accommodation Manager

So, if you are looking for one of these three things in a SA management company, don’t forget to check us out! 

We can help you profit from your SA unit by offering expert services. That includes local knowledge of the market, processes and systems on-demand, as well as direct bookings and marketing services that will guarantee you zero voids. 

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