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If you’re looking HMO property management, HMO lettings, help on complying with HMO licensing regulations or a HMO investment then you’re in the right place. Our HMO agent services are built for busy landlords and property investors in Bedford and Milton Keynes that seek high return and hassle free management on their HMO property.

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HMO Management, Guaranteed Rent and Lettings Services

As a HMO management company we provide HMO letting services for busy landlords. We supply shared houses to Luton, Milton Keynes Bedford to workers and young professionals and as such know as a result we know what works, what doesnt work and how to make the most of your investment. We offer both guaranteed rent or on a management basis for your HMO property on a long term contract (2-5+ years). As such, we can take full responsibility and cost of all maintenance issues, voids, and tenanting reducing stress and increasing profit for landlords. If youd like to know more about our HMO lettings services in Luton, Milton Keynes or Bedford, just get in touch. If you are looking for consulting help on HMO licensing, then see our specialist Property Investor Services.

What Our Landlords Say

6 Questions to Ask Before Self Managing

Managing your own HMO property might seem like a great idea but only a few can manage the hustle involved. HMOs needs a lot of time and resources to manage it effectively thats why you need to think carefully before you decide whether or not you are up for it. You need all of the facts upfront to decide if self management of a HMO is right for you.

If youre not going to find the right HMO agent, then here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to manage an HMO.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Self Managing

Key Features

Local Knowledge

Direct Booking

Professional Service

Specialist Expertise

Specialist Expertise

Different Management Options

Hands Free Management

We do all of the serviced accommodation management so you don't need to do a thing.

Guest Communication

From handling guest enquiries, to check-in information and all follow-up communications we have you covered.

All Inclusive Service

We operate with full transparency and no hidden fees giving you an all inclusive HMO lettings service.


Optional management cleaning and maintenance providers.

Personal Service

As a specialist HMO agent we give a personalised service to really understand your needs and your property.

Monthly Statements

A monthly statement of all income and costs on your HMO property.

Tenant Viewings

Carrying out all prospective tenants viewings and all lettings legal compliance checks.

Hassle Free

We do everything so as you don't need to making this a hands free investment for you.

Local Expertise

We understand the local HMO market and your ideal tenant type to maximise your letting returns.


We carry out all HMO marketing and listing management of your property.

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Where we operate

Milton Keynes HMOs

Milton Keynes HMOs

Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing towns in the South East of England. It was an aggressive growth target in terms of new houses provided and jobs created. As a result, companies, employees and investors all have fantastic prospects. Large employees such as Network Rail, Argos, BSI and Santander along with a vibrant hospitality scene create the on-going need for accommodation.

HMO lettings in Milton Keynes requires an understanding of restrictions, legislation and requirements in place. Milton Keynes council was one of the first councils to adopt Article 4 meaning that permitted development of HMOs was not granted without a full application. As a result supply was limited and rates increased. Entry into the Milton Keynes HMO market can be challenging due to planning permission, however, strong rental demand make this a popular investment.

Bedford HMOs

With great transport connections (under 40 minutes to London the train, 30 minutes to London Luton International Airport, north and south via the M1, to Milton Keynes and Cambridge via the A421), Bedford remains a popular place to live. As a result, the property market is strong and relatively stable in comparison to other areas of the country leading to companies, employees and investors favouring Bedford.

HMO management in Bedford is not straight-forward given the changing that are coming up. Article 4 is being introduced in late 2020 which will restrict the supply of new Bedford HMO properties making this an ideal time to enter the HMO lettings. Room rates are also good in comparison with nearby town when you factor the Bedford property prices in.

Bedford HMOs


With great access to London by train, the north via the M1 and international destinations with London Luton Airport, Luton is a vibrant town. As a result, it has fantastic prospects and employment opportunities for those starting their career. This created increased demand for properties making Luton an ideal choice for many HMO investors and our HMO management in Luton.

The University of Bedfordshire provides an on-going stream of those looking to share a property when they begin their working life. If you are looking for HMO lettings in Luton we understand the tenant type and how to maximise returns.

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Common Questions


Yes we do offer a guaranteed rent scheme on HMO properties. If you'd like to know, please contact us to arrange a viewing.


We specialise in working accommodation so a lot of our properties are taken by a single company for their workers. If you need a company let property, please let us know.


We have two management options - on one of them we also manage all utility providers giving you a fully hands free investment.


We charge between 12%-15% depending on the type of management you are looking for.


We collect the rental payments throughout the month and issue a statement 14 days from the month end. Payment is also sent at this time.


We manage it on your behalf so as you don't get hassled. Any cost is deducted from your monthly property owner statement.