HMO and Serviced Accommodation Investments

If you’re looking to secure high returns from property investment we can help you. We offer HMO and Serviced Accommodation investor services including property sourcing, set-up and management.

As operators in Serviced Accommodation and HMOs with over 5 years of experience, we know to find, set-up and run high cashflow properties. We offer a range of services to suit the differing investor needs. This can be a simple as on-going management of your property through to a fully hands free investment investment option where we handle everything from initially sourcing the property through to full management.

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How to Find an SA Management Company

Running serviced accommodation properties isn’t easy. After all, it is more of a hospitality business than a property business. And even though running it can be hard, finding someone to run it for you can be even harder.

That is why we’ve put a step by step guide to help you find the right partner in not just supporting you to run your serviced accommodation but to help you grow as well.

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How to Find an SA Management Company

Key Features

Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge

Direct Booking

Direct Booking

Professional Service

Professional Service

Specialist Expertise

Specialist Expertise

What we offer

Save You Time

Saving busy investors time through our existing relationships and expertise

High cash flow returns

We specialise in only high return strategies making sure you have a great return on investment

Property Sourcing

Whether it be to purchase and rent to rent, we find the right investment based on your criteria


We can manage the refurb for you or set-up a new serviced accommodation or HMO unit for you.


A fully managed or a guaranteed rent option on serviced accommodation and HMO management

Hands free option

We can manage the end to end process from sourcing, set-up through to management so you don't need to do anything.

Tailor Made Investments

We understand that every investor is different and that is why we get to know their individual needs

Deep local expertise

We have been established in our areas for years and know how models work where helping investors get the right returns

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What we specialise in

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced Accommodation

If you are new to Serviced Accommodation and just looking to get started, we can help you on your journey. Equally, if youre an experienced operator and looking to grow your business we have services for you. These include:

Serviced Accommodation Services


HMOs are a great way to increase cashflow from existing properties or get far strong returns on your property invest than single lets. Yet, with great returns comes greater risk (not to mention far more management headache). So if youre looking for a great return or a hands free investment, we can help in the following ways:

  • HMO Sourcing
  • HMO compliance (licensing, planning and building control consulting)
  • HMO Set-up (interior design, furnishing, dressing and staging)
  • HMO Management
  • HMO Mentoring and Coaching
HMO Management


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