Serviced Accommodation Investment Services

If you are looking for serviced accommodation investments – we can provide sourcing, set-up and management for a fully hands free investment. We can help you get started in serviced accommodation, scale your SA business or management of short term let – then you’re in the right place.

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Helping Serviced Accommodation Investors

We provide a range of services for serviced accommodation investors to help you start, grow and scale your business.

This includes sourcing, set-up and management services giving flexibility in how we can support you from being involved in part of the process or delivering a fully hands free service for you.

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How to Find an SA Management Company

Running serviced accommodation properties isn’t easy. After all, it is more of a hospitality business than a property business. And even though running it can be hard, finding someone to run it for you can be even harder.

That is why we’ve put a step by step guide to help you find the right partner in not just supporting you to run your serviced accommodation but to help you grow as well.

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Specialist Expertise

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Serviced Accommodation Sourcing

Serviced Accommodation Sourcing 

Often one of the hardest parts about Serviced Accommodation is finding the property. Making the right selection if key in generating the best return possible, make a poor decision and it can be a constant challenge to improve occupancy and rates.

If you’re just getting started and unsure on what you are looking for or you know exactly what you need to grow your SA business but just don’t have the time to find the properties, we can help. We support both R2SA (rent-to-serviced accommodation) and purchase to serviced accommodation investors.

Serviced Accommodation Set-up

Getting the right finish is needed to make your listing standout, appeal to the right target audience and maximise rates. It also needs to be durable but without breaking the bank on your investment budget. Furnishing to a specification that is too high often wastes money, as does buying the wrong type of things. Not too mention how time consuming this can be!

We know the markets and guests that book your apartments, so let us take the hassle of setting up a serviced accommodation unit away from you. Perfect for a hands free investment, avoid costly learning mistakes or to scale your business.

Serviced Accommodation Management

Whilst many view serviced accommodation as a property investment, the daily management is a lot more like hospitality with on-going guest communication, check in information, guest queries, managing housekeeping, handling bookings, payments and reservation information. Not to mention optimising listings, pricing, promotions and corporate booking relationships to generate bookings for the property.

We provide various serviced accommodation management options meaning your investment maximises the return as a hands free and hassle free investment for you.

Serviced Accommodation Training and Mentorship

Serviced Accommodation training to help you get started or scale your business. Whether you are looking to start investing in property or grow your serviced accommodation operation we can help.

Serviced Accommodation Management

Serviced Accommodation Training and Mentorship

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